Eleanor Durrant

Consultant Business Analyst

Bright people have better ideas when they explain them to me. If you want to make some documented sense of your strategy, project or business, or you've got a spreadsheet that needs to talk, drop me a line.

For example, I'll spend two or three hours with a programme manager and a lot of sticky notes to get the strategy, the plan, and the thinking behind them out of their head and into a form other people can read and evaluate. I also help spreadsheets that really need to talk.

I work most of my time with a boutique management consultancy that specialises in turnarounds, medium to large businesses, and problems in the finance function. I do business intelligence, Excel automation, data quality, data architecture, and other analysis and documentation work.

I'm working a lot with "Modern Excel", which means Microsoft Power Pivot, DAX, Power Query, the M query language, and data visualisation with Microsoft Power BI.